About Us

Newdeal is a modern high-quality customer service network. It was established in 2005 and since then it has been twice honored with the prize “Diamond of the Greek Economy” by NewTimes Publishing.

Newdeal is one of the companies that constitute the “Newdeal Group”, which also includes:

  • Kobiliris & Associates Law Firm, which specializes in the real estate transactions.
  • Newdeal Construction, which collaborates with renowned architects and designers on modern construction projects.
  • Newdeal Investment, which provides consulting services and represents the interests of both Greek and foreign investors.
  • Real Estate Academy, whose goal is to develop new applications and use technology for more efficient market analysis in the field of real-estate.

Newdeal offices can be found at four different locations: at Kolonaki Square in the heart of Athens, at Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki, at Glyfada and finally, at Piraeus.

Newdeal - International Real estate

Newdeal has attended many international real-estate events and expos and it has also established an international network of partners who specialize in the promotion of property investment in Greece.

Optimize Program

“Optimize” is a program that brings into contact owners of high-value properties, that meet all the necessary requirements, with international investors. Website:axio.newdeal.gr

We have the largest property database, including all areas of Athens and all its surrounding suburbs.


Newdeal is one of the biggest Greek companies with a starring role in the Golden Visa Program and as such, it has already helped thousands of investors from all over the world acquire a Golden Visa.

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