Our Services

Our services are carried out by our team of certified RE/MAX agents, lawyers and other real estate professionals. Our personnel is fluent in foreign languages such as English, Chinese and Arabic.

Step 1 | Property Search

In this step, our expert professionals will introduce you to Athens and help you find the most suitable property for you. Services include:

  • Access to our large database of properties for sale in Athens
  • Briefing you on the areas and locations of Athens.
  • Valuable insider advice on prices.
  • Visiting properties with you.
  • Touring the city with you and showing you around its main attractions.
  • Evaluate the condition and the value for money ratio of each property.

Step 2 | Application

In the next step our legal team takes over, helping you with your application and other procedures. Services include:

  • Creating a bank account for you.
  • Providing you with a tax records number which is compulsory for any transaction.
  • Ensuring and guaranteeing the legality of the contracts.
  • Applying for the residence permit on your behalf and ensuring that it is issued as soon as possible, handling all the necessary paperwork and dealing with the authorities.
  • If you wish to invest in the Greek real estate markets and purchase multiple properties, we assist you in greatly reducing tax costs through the formation of a company.

Step 3 | Management

Our after sales services will help increase the value of your property and generate the maximum return from it. Services include:

  • Renovating your property.
  • Furnishing your property.
  • Renting your property, ensuring a steady yearly income.
  • If you decide not to renew your residence permit after the first 5-year period, we offer to resell your property at a price that will be profitable for you.

We will never charge you for any of our services without your consent.

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