Health care in Greece is provided for free mainly through the National Health System (NHS), which includes all the country’s public hospitals and health centers as well as the National Centre for Emergency Assistance (EKAB) to which we turn in an emergency. The health system in Greece is divided into Primary and Secondary level.

In case of emergency, call the number 166 (from a landline or mobile phone) for the National Centre for Emergency Assistance (EKAB) and an ambulance will arrive at the scene and take the patient to the nearest hospital on duty.

In case of non-emergency care, or in the event that you can go with your own vehicle to the nearest hospital, you may find below a detailed list with the addresses and contact details of the country’s public hospitals.

Note: The country’s hospital-based outpatient clinics, emergency departments and pharmacies do not operate on a 24/7 basis for the patients. For this reason, in the areas which are served by more than one hospital or pharmacy, they operate on emergency duty shifts, so that the citizens can find a hospital or pharmacy in case of emergency outside working hours and at night.

Hospitals in Athens

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