Due to the peculiarity of Greece’s terrain and its many islands, there has been a focus not only on the road network, but also on maritime transport.

Long distance transport in Greece is provided by

Train transport

TRAINOSE provides regional, long distance and suburban routes.

Long distance buses

The Joint Bus Receipt Fund (KTEL) is the Greek transport company that provides inter-city transport of passengers via buses. The name KTEL also refers to boarding stations used by the buses.

Air transport

Greece has several international and state airports, where various airlines are based and which provide domestic flights connecting major Greek provincial towns with each other, but also with Athens and the islands. They also provide international flights connecting several Greek cities with large European airports.

Maritime transport

In Greece there is maritime transport connecting the large ports of the mainland with the islands, and serving thousands of residents and tourists year-round.

  • Port of Piraeus
  • Port of Lavrio
  • Port of Rafina
  • Port of Agios Konstantinos

Public transport in Athens

The public transport system of Athens consists of an underground railway system (Metro), trams, buses and trolleys, while a part of its transportation services is covered by the Suburban Railway. In other regions of Attica, the largest part of transportation services is covered by intercity buses (KTEL), with the remainder served by the suburban railway and city buses.

The Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) supervises a large part of the prefecture, while its subsidiaries, Road Transport SA (OSY) and Urban Rail Transport SA (STASY) are responsible for transport implementation, and there is cooperation with TRAINOSE SA, due to the existence of part of its network (Suburban Railway) within the urban fabric of Athens. For the rest of the prefecture, transport supervision is entrusted to the Regulatory Authority for Passenger Transport and the responsibility of its execution is undertaken by the KTEL Attica SA.

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