Obtaining the Residency Permit

To obtain the residence permit, you need to submit an application followed by proof that you purchased one or more pieces of property in Greece for €250,000 or more.

As soon as the residency application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation receipt that serves as a one year provisional residency permit which provides you with all the benefits of the permit, until the final certificate is published (usually 2-4 months).

We offer submit the application for you, as our services include handling paperwork and dealing with the authorities on behalf of the applicant. All we need is proof of the purchase or lease contract and health insurance, which you can obtain from a local company.


Apart from the minimum of €250,000, you are required to pay a 3.09% property sales tax.

A property ownership tax applies to all property ownership, which is calculated individually based on location, area, date of build and other criteria. We will let you know what that tax is going to be for any property you might be interested in before you enter any negotiations.

Leasing your property will generate an income tax to the annual rent amount.

Duration of Residency Permit

  • The Greek residence permit is permanent. The holder of the residence permit is however required to renew it every five (5) years.
  • It is not compulsory to stay in Greece to maintain the right of entry and residence.
  • The resale of the property that granted the residence permit to another non-Schengen area citizen provides the new owner with the right to a residence permit. The original owner has to revoke his residence permit.

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